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I am a snowboard photographer based out of Stevens Pass Wa. I also run a youth summer camp in the off season
~ Thursday, April 5 ~

A Tailgate Alaska Rookie

Snowmachines and heli blades have been my alarm clock this past few days. Our wall tent has kept us warm enough to survive with a little help from friends in a neighboring RV. Thompson Pass Alaska is a place for the gods but is made accessible to all via Tailgate Alaska. The event brings like minded people together uniting everyone with the shared goal of shredding harder then ever before. Big mountains, long sled rides, unimaginable vast expanse, heli runs, culture and snowboarding is what one attending this gathering can expect.  

Sean Clawson

Pam spreading A-rob’s ashes

home sweet home

45 hours in a pick up truck

Pit stop

Nico took me out for my first runs in AK, happened to be on my birthday!

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~ Monday, March 26 ~

2012 on Highway 2

This has been the fastest winter of my life, maybe that means it has been the busiest. April is just a few days away and dreams of big lines and epic scenery are pointing me North. 

Here at home weather has been ‘all time’ and most of us have been working our asses off to make this winter as productive as possible. For some reason despite my efforts the stars won’t quite align and the perfect photo keeps slipping from my fingers. I have got one or two but it seems to be an endless effort, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

It has been cool to hang out with all the locals around Stevens and always nice to see the familiar foreign faces that make it to town for a pit stop each year. December kicked off well with a visit from Euro Sebi Geiger. Snow was minimal and jibbing was in full effect. So stoked he joined us for an overnighter on a tall summit shooting under the the lunar eclipse.

The Chilean crew has currently taken over the mountain and are living the life rolling 10 deep in a little RV, ratos style! Manuel Diaz has gone bigger then anyone I have ever seen at Stevens this past week . After literally jumping off the top and over the entire Rooster Comb he says,

"i think this mountain is too small for me now."

Big Will Jackways spent a couple hero days here at the resort dropping lines and spreading smiles with his Kiwi charm.

We had an unexpected visit from some of the boys of Europe’s Isenseven crew and Pleasure magazine. The house was crowded for a while but they left a heap of beer for us, which was nice.

DBK and Tobi

Capita’s sweet mama Laura Hadar hit some big boy airs up on cowboy and showed us a solid NorthWest method.

And now it is still snowing outside my window. 

Thank god for down days! Its near impossible to keep a fresh perspective a midst massive snowfalls, powder turns, tippers and celebrations. Winter is such a special time for all of us that are fortunate enough to take part in this lifestyle.

Thanks to all my friends and family for helping me become who I am today. Live to your fullest potential and enjoy the days we have in this life as they won’t last forever. 

Remember those who shared in our culture and are no longer with us. 

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~ Monday, November 14 ~

End Chute Story Extended Version

I worked harder on this piece then i have on any other photo endeavor thus far. Have a look, you won’t be disappointed. Check the full story here!

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~ Wednesday, October 19 ~

SuperPark 15 with Will Jackways

Will Jackways SuperPark 15

Are all Kiwis as nice as Will J? I first met Will 3 years back shooting photos around Stevens Pass. He was out with NZ photog extraordinaire Greg Roebuck checking out some pillow zones. I bailed off the lift and caught up as quick as I could. To my surprise Roebuck was kind enough to let me tag along. We headed up and over a few ridges to an epic natural loading dock zone, little did I know the limits I thought existed in the realm of snowboarding were about to be changed forever. 

Will went bigger then most, time and time again. He was taking full advantage of the terrain and willing to hike harder and further to get a couple more tricks. From that day on I have cherished my days with Will and Abby, for not only their unmatched talent but for the overall experience of working with such kind and seasoned individuals. You could imagine my excitement when Will suggested we shoot for a story while attending Snowboarder mag’s SuperPark 15 at Mt Bachelor Oregon.

The spring gathering of hand picked shreds, builders and media folk is a unique event. It is not a competition, but a union of talent brought together to share a common passion while pushing the sport. The only pressure to preform is the pressure placed on ones self, over the week long event. This format allows for a much different vibe and progression vs. typical contest format. At SuperPark the athletes are able to ride what features they want, when they want and with whom they want, never being pressured to go bigger or huck harder then they feel necessary. 

Me and Will cruised around in the sun all week slashing slush and hand planting banked turns all the while watching the show. There was a massive ‘showtime’ hip feature, boasting a chiseled lip to gap landing. The backside of the feature also incorporated a pole jam gap to butter pad with a cliff drop at the end, which was pretty intense. There was a couple 90 ft wedges, a pretty epic wall ride with many creative options and a wild gap rail feature. Cruising the course with Will was just another day in the park for the seasoned vet.

Will sessioned all 3 hips and a couple of mega booters over the course of the week. We also had the pleasure to watch ‘ninja steeze’ Scotty Vine (superpark standout) get weird all over the course. His one footed maneuvers stole the show each day. Just as I began to wonder how far his circus act could take him he strapped in two feet like the rest of us and continued the slaughter. Other then the one-foot front 3 hip gap, one-foot front 7 over a 70 ft jump and a one-foot front board down the rail feature, I witnessed Scotty throw an unhuman front 5 redirect (splat-wall) onto the wall ride, pole jam tuck knee back flip and one of the illest methods to go down in snowboard history. Don’t believe me?

Check for full coverage.

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Today I just saw this for the first time. I had forgotten about it until I just found it on Snowboarder Magazine’s site. It’s insawn one-foot madness.

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~ Saturday, October 15 ~
~ Friday, October 7 ~

I went to Maui

Congratulations to my big sister Sara and her new husband Michael, they had the most beautiful wedding possible, it was AMAZING! While on the island i got to spend some time shooting underwater too, check it out

EAGLE RAY, almost got Erwin’d

~ Thursday, October 6 ~
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Arbor Snowboards sent a deep crew of riders to Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails including last year’s winner, Nick Visconti as well as Ian SamsScotty Vine and Cody Boan. This is their vision of Bear Mountain’s Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails much of which was shot through the eye of a Red Camera.

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~ Wednesday, October 5 ~

Stevens Advertisement

Just had my first image published of a female rider! Abby Lockhart (NZ) -ride snowboards- Check it out in the current Frequency the Snowboard Journal issue 9.1

Heres what the original looks like

I really like this image. Our crew found this zone a few seasons back and got to ride it a handful of times this past season. Thanks Stevens Pass marketing crew for your excellent taste!

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